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A blog created to show how much I am blessed each day.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blessings in Tragic Times

I have been blessed over the last week as I read the following blog, from start to finish, http://noahsteven.blogspot.com/2007_01_01_archive.html, about the life and death of Noah, the lives he touched during his short life, and the faith and trust of one remarkable family. The blessing to me was experiencing the love and devotion of this family in a quest to get a diagnosis for their son in order to provide treatment. Their perseverance during the most difficult days was an inspiration for the entire world, as this blog obtained hits from every continent. Finally, with this same faith and trust they accepted Noah's death. What devotion to their son and to God, what an inspiration for anyone experiencing pain and suffering... The world is a better place because of this precious family and the brief but meaningful life of their son Noah! They are and will continue to be in my prayers.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Wedding Dress

I have loved every minute (so far) of helping plan my daughters wedding and what a BLESSING it has been! I know there will be hectic times full of stress but for now... I have thoroughly enjoyed this extra time spent with my daughter, helping her organize one of the biggest events in her life. Yesterday was our third day (since 12/26/06) of trying on wedding dresses and even though we have traveled two states, and three cities... we were not discouraged but hopeful that when we found the right gown, we would know! And we did. It is absolutely gorgeous with ivory lace and scattered crystal beads that glitter when the light hits them just right. Her beauty and elegance are highlighted in this wedding gown and she will be simply radiant on the day (July 21st) she walks down the aisle on the arm of her Dad. The happiness, joy and excitement continues to grow with each item that we check off of our list and that is a BLESSING indeed.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


If God hath made this world so fair,
Where sin and death abound,
How beautiful beyond compare
Will paradise be found!
James Montogmery
Heaven - beautiful beyond compare, I can only imagine. With all the BLESSINGS that I have here on earth, it is hard to imagine how magnificent heaven must be. I am continually amazed with God' s earthly creation therefore the promise of an even greater heavenly creation is a BLESSING to indeed look forward too!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Fresh flowers on a cold, damp, rainy day is a BLESSING indeed! I keep fresh flowers in my home year round... or at least I do when I can find them in the flower section of the grocery store at a reasonable price. In the summer, I just pick a bouquet of flowers from my garden, but in the winter I try to find a bouquet of Alstromeria like the ones pictured in this vase. Did you know Alstromeria will stay fresh for weeks? If you can find them in the bud stage, they may last for up to three weeks. They come in a variety of vibrant colors to match almost any decor... and sometimes I can find them at Walmart for a cheap, cheap price. Sunshine on a cloudy day... flowers in the middle of winter... what a BLESSING indeed!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Saving Graces

I have been reading the book Saving Graces by Elizabeth Edwards (she is the wife of John Edwards from North Carolina who is running for president), because I wanted to see how she dealt with the grief that surrounded her, when her son was killed in a car accident. I was very surprised to find that I grew to admire her more and more as the book progressed. I guess I did not expect this because of my conservative roots. I felt politically I would have very little in common with her way of thinking. I was wrong. This quote from the book sums up the - down to earth person that I met in Saving Graces, "I didn't want fluff, and I sure didn't want spin... I never pretended to be anything other than what I was." I think her motto could very easily be, "what you see is what you get" and being what God intended for you to be is a BLESSING indeed! The book was about grieving, living, conquering, and the power of community and friends coming together helping Elizabeth Edwards through it all. It was a BLESSING getting to know this compassionate North Carolina neighbor.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Part II "Old Lady"

This is the rest of the fun poem "When I'm and Old Lady". When I am an old lady and live with my kids. When they cook dinner and call me to meals, I will not eat my green beans or salads congealed. I will gag on my okra, spill milk on the table, And when they get angry, I'll run fast as I'm able! When I am an old lady and live with my kids. I will sit close to the TV, through the channels I'll click. I'll cross both my eyes just to see if they stick, I will take off my socks and then throw one away, And play in the mud till the end of the day. When I am an old lady and live with my kids. And later in bed, I will lay back and sigh, And thank God in prayer and then close my eyes. My kids will look down with a smile slowly creeping, And say with a groan, "She's so sweet when she's sleeping." When I am an old lady and live with my kids. As my kids get older, I treasure the times they did the above things and I am now able to laugh about the events as fond memories. The circle of life is indeed a BLESSING!

Friday, January 05, 2007

When I Am an Old Lady

I love to tease my two grown kids with this poem (author unknown). It has been a BLESSING to me in that it reminds me of hectic times (which I survived) when they were small and at the same time makes me smile, thinking about the "what ifs" of payback time during my senior years. It will come to you in two parts because I don't have time to share it all today. ENJOY! When I am an old lady, I will live with my kids. And make them so happy, just as they did. I want to pay back all the joy they provided. Returning each deed oh, they'll be so excited! When I am an old lady, and live with my kids. I will write on the walls with reds, whites, and blues, and bounce on the furniture wearing my shoes. I will drink from the carton and then leave it out. I will stuff all the toilets, oh, how they'll shout! When I am an old lady, and live with my kids. When they are on the phone and just out of reach. I will get into things like sugar and bleach. Oh, they'll snap their fingers and then shake their heads, and when that is done, I'll hide under my bed.

Monday, January 01, 2007

In the Beginning

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is a brand new year and a time for new beginnings. The Bible tells us that in the beginning there was God. How appropriate for me to think of this new year as a new beginning and an opportunity to strive to put God first in all areas of my life. Because of Him, I am... therefore I should be thankful and look at all of my BLESSINGS as divine gifts... placing God before everything else in my life. May each of you experience the abundance of God's BLESSINGS in 2007.