daily blessings

A blog created to show how much I am blessed each day.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Christmas was full of love, surprises, family, friends, tasty food and fantastic fellowship. I was BLESSED to be surrounded by individuals that I wanted to spend TIME with and having the TIME to spend with them just doing what comes natural. TIME during the Christmas season can be scarce, hectic, rushed, and limited but I found that remembering the reason for the season helps keep me grounded allowing me the opportunity to enjoy this TIME of the year. God sending his Son to show us how to use our TIME on earth is the most precious and priceless gift of all. I hope each of you will take the TIME to surround yourself with that unconditional love from God and take the TIME to share it with all of those around you in the New Year. That would be a BLESSING indeed!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A to Z

Lori at http://youniquelyme.blogspot.com tagged me so here I go... A - Available/Single~ married for 34 years! B - Best Friend ~ that wonderful husband of 34 years C - Cake or Pie ~ pie (specifically pecan) D - Drink of choice ~ southern sweet tea E - Essential item you use everyday ~ glasses F - Favorite color ~ yellow G - Gummy bears or worms ~ bears H - Hometown ~ Saluda, North Carolina I - Indulgence ~ CANDY! J - January or February ~ January... hoping for snow K - Kids ~ one daughter and one son L - Life is incomplete without ~ GOD M - Marriage Date ~ June 14 N - Number of siblings ~ 2 sisters O - Oranges or apples ~ apples P - Phobias/fears ~ snakes Q - Favorite Quote ~ It is not your aptitude that will determine your altitude in life... it is your attitude! R - Reason to smile ~ Retirement S - Season ~ Spring T - Tag ~ I tag anyone that wants to jump in and hasn't done this U - Unknown fact about me ~ I love to eat lemons! V - Vegetable you don't like ~ Turnips W - Worst habit ~ Snacking X - X-rays ~ All over... Y - Your favorite food ~ Anything Italian Z - Zodiac sign ~ Cancer (not my choice)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


"We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." Luciano de Crescenzo This Christmas season embrace someone else and see how high the two of you can fly, taking the time to enjoy the BLESSINGS together.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Their Engaged!

Katherine received a gorgeous diamond on Saturday from her fiancee Jared and now I am busy planning a wedding. I am just ecstatic with this great news and BLESSED that we (me and hubby) were able to meet them for dinner on Sunday night (we meet half way - a little over an hour for them and us) to celebrate and witness their excitement first hand. Jared had a very romantic proposal and we were impressed with his gentlemanly attitude in asking ahead of time for our blessings on their marriage. They have been dating since college, have good jobs, great attitudes, and seem so in love. It is such a BLESSING to know that true love still exists and that marriage to them is a sacred life long commitment. I am working on a summer wedding and I will keep you posted as this fairy tale unfolds.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Christmas Bear

This very special bear, given to me several years ago was a Christmas gift from my big sister Kathy. Our father (the same Pa talked about in a previous post), had died unexpectedly a few years earlier and we were still dealing with the overwhelming grief experienced during the holidays. Kathy wanted each of us to have a meaningful gift and one that would represent the precious memories of our Dad. She took our fathers Navy Peacoat, from World War II, and found a lady to make the bears using the fabric from my Dad's coat. The fabric made a total of 5 bears, 3 for the sisters and 2 for my Mom. The buttons from the coat were put on the bears vest and the ribbon around the bears neck was made from the lining of the coat. I added the American Flag to the vest which was a pin my Dad would wear to display his patriotism for the USA. The bear maker named each bear and composed a little story to go along with each bear adding a little character to each one. My bear is named Nan, and I keep it close by at all times, as a constant reminder of my Dad, his patriotism, his sacrifices, and the love that he shared with me. This Christmas Bear is priceless and a BLESSING that continues to bring comfort and joy!

Friday, December 01, 2006


A smile is something that you can always share with others, it doesn't cost anything, and usually gets you a smile in return. It has the capability of lighting up the face and the heart at the same time and sooner or later a smile will come back to you when you need it most. Smiling is contagious! Now that is a win-win situation that we can all use. My smile line wrinkles get bigger and longer each year... but at this point in my life, a smile is so automatic that I don't even think about it... it just happens bringing joy to my heart! Thinking back to all of the smiles that I have given away in 54 years... I earned and deserve these wrinkles and I wear them with pride. Smiles... what a BLESSING indeed... have you shared one today?