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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to each of you... I hope you are able to enjoy the weekend and put to good use your extra hour of time, as we "Fall Back"!  You are each a blessing to me and I appreciate your visits here.  

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hair Color

 Me (on the left),  my blond niece  that's in the 8th grade, and my niece that is a high school senior with red hair.
Are you a blond, brunette, or red head?  Are you a combination of the three, or the color you chose with your stylist during your last visit to the beauty salon?  Well...  these three beauties have what I call, "God given hair"!  We all have the color of hair that we were born with.  While visiting with my nieces in Michigan, I realized they both have the "perfect" hair color.  Perfect because many women pay big bucks to get their color of hair.  I expressed that thought to my nieces, and told them what a BLESSING it was to have such a beautiful, unique, color of hair. It's just hard to believe WE are blood relatives, with such a variety of  hair colors .  But it's true!
 Now about the other beauty (he,he), the brunette... I started out as a blond (both of my children did too) but at the age of 7 or 8, my hair started getting darker and that trend has continued to this day (the same way for both my children)!  I've always been happy with that God given color.  However, that may change as more gray starts to creep in...???

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Teaching Award

Today, handsome hubby and I,  traveled to Winston-Salem to watch our daughter receive a teaching award!
She was nominated by students and parents in her classroom and was then selected from all of the teachers nominated, as the Teacher of the Year, for her area.
It's a dark photo, but she's receiving a thousand dollar award for her school and a hundred dollar award, for her classroom.
This is her fourth year of teaching kindergarten and we are so happy that she was selected for this honor.  The company sponsoring the award is a nationally known "Super-center" and they select the winners from the teachers that are nominated.  Teachers often have a thankless job, so this is such a blessing to have her hard work and dedication rewarded.  Go Girl... we are so proud of you baby daughter!

Friday, October 17, 2008


This is my blogging friend Dawn from Colorado!
(me on the left and Dawn on the right)
I finally got to meet a fellow blogger and what a BLESSING it was for me!  I think we've blogged together since I began blogging several years ago.  She was in NC this week visiting relatives but I was in Michigan visiting relatives, fortunately, she was able to stay long enough for us to have a delightful lunch together... TODAY (thanks DC it was delicious)!  You would think we had known each other forever and the conversation flowed effortlessly for over an hour.  Unfortunately for me, she had to be in Georgia by 5:00, or we could have talked endlessly for hours.  Dawn has been a prayer partner, a blessing and an inspiration to me and I consider her a very dear friend.  Thanks Dawn for making the extra effort to make this day possible, you are a BLESSING indeed!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lucky ME!

Lucky ME, I'm visiting my little sister in Michigan this week, while handsome hubby is on an elk hunting trip in Colorada!  The White family welcomed me with open arms at the front door of their gorgeous home.
While they are at work or school each day, I have the mansion to myself!  A nice "little" retreat for rest and relaxation, with a huge backyard full of fall foliage, colorful flowers, and the sound of a real waterfall trickling, in one corner of the yard.
So... its just ME and Scooter (the family pet),  enjoying these precious moments in Michigan and that is a BLESSING indeed! 

Monday, October 06, 2008


  Our grandmother was a Western Carolina University cheerleader...  a few years ago (????) and she has us in training  for the 2025 cheerleading squad.  Our grandmother met our grandfather right here on this very campus and now he's a very big man on campus, with a very important job... some kind of vice chancellor or something.  We think his official title is Mr. Catamount.  Our Auntie Nancy went to college here too and met her handsome hubby at WCU.  Our other Auntie in Michigan, met her Army General hubby right here, while she was a cheerleader for the catamounts.  Our mom grew up here and decided to venture out, going to Meredith College and then on to Duke University for seminary but...  her heart was always right here in catamount country.  AND last but not least... our daddy went to school here and  he's currently working on his masters at WCU.  Now, you can see clearly; why this is such a special University to us, why we are sitting in the end zone during the 2008 homecoming game and why we are so adorably dressed in the purple and gold cheerleading outfits!  What a blessing it is to be in CULLOWHEE, NC!  GO CATS!