daily blessings

A blog created to show how much I am blessed each day.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas at the Carson House

Elmo (the best dog in the whole world) was the first to check out her stocking on Christmas morning- with a little help from my handsome hubby. Christmas at our house was full of laughter and love. Ben, Katherine and their spouses celebrated at our house and that was the best Christmas gift of all. Christmas blessings to each of you- as you continue to enjoy the Christmas season. You have blessed me this year with your comments and blogging friendship.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Graduation Blessings

(This is reason number 2, explaining the added business of my holiday season. See the previous post about Katherine's move into her first home with her husband)
This handsome, ( long haired- says mom), young man, is my precious son, Ben. He stands on the campus of Asbury Theological Seminary, in Wilmore, Kentucky- where he has spent the last several years working diligently to obtain his Masters of Divinity degree. On this cold gloomy day, HE GRADUATED- bringing bright sunshine to an otherwise cloudy damp day. Proud is a word that I spoke often that day, but it is really an inadequate description because it goes deeper than that. It is a spiritual, as well as an emotional feeling... one that has overwhelmed me ever since the first day that Ben told me God had called him into the ministry. My heart actually- physically-" leaped for JOY" that day and the glowing warmth that it created returns each time I think that God chose me to raise one of His servants, one of His vessels, one of His disciples, one of His ministers! It is truly an humbling experience and one of my life's biggest BLESSINGS! I am proud of you Preacher Ben and look so forward to the great things that God will do in your life. HE will be with you every step of the way and so will I!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Home Sweet Home

(I've been busy, busy, busy, the last several weeks and today's post shares one of the reasons. Life's blessings... keeping me busy- it just doesn't get better than that!)
The newlyweds have a new home! Moving day was last Saturday and of course hubby and I were on hand to help (the two hour drive is definitely worth it). The house is a cozy home in a very old section of Winston-Salem, NC where the sidewalks are busy with strollers, joggers, and friendly faces. The newlyweds are contagiously happy and in love and that is a BLESSING indeed!