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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Family Easter Fun

This family photo includes my daughter Katherine on the left, my niece Meredith visiting from Michigan in the  middle, and my son Ben on the right.  I only had them for one night but I'll take what I can get... they all have such busy full lives, and live too far away to visit very often.  If you look to the far left you will see grand-dog, Mimi, stalking around in search of something to get into.  She is a delightful labradoodle puppy, full of energy, and always in search of a new adventure.  My life has been so busy lately, some of it good, some of it not so good but it has prevented me from blogging and I've missed all of my blogging friends.  I hope to catch up soon with all that's going on in your lives and maybe things will slow down SOON, which would be a blessing indeed!