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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Operation Inasmuch (Part 2)

203 participants in "Operation Inasmuch" from our Church alone... what a huge success this one day missions project was and a BLESSING for each person involved! Here is a glimpse at some of the projects our Church completed:
two wheelchair ramps
a complete roofing project
three yards cleaned
one cemetery cleaned
a bathroom gutted and redone- including a new floor
road side trash pickup
two parks cleaned
meals for all fireman and policeman
visits and meals for all shut-ins
visits and treat bags for all of the county rest homes
hospice project
homeless shelter project
free medical clinic project
women's shelter project
Looking ahead to future posts; my project, my husbands project, and a few more pictures of "Operation Inasmuch".

Friday, April 25, 2008

Operation Inasmuch

Tomorrow our Church will participate in "Operation Inasmuch", a one day, county wide, mission event to promote the importance of what Jesus said in Matthew 25:40- "For inasmuch as you did to the least of these brothers of mine, you did it for ME!" Our T-shirts are ready, many projects are planned, and hundreds of people will meet at 8:00 tomorrow morning to give back to our community. This awareness will hopefully become a part of our daily lives, as we seek to make a difference... one person at a time- and that will be a BLESSING indeed!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Shelling at Holden Beach

Holden Beach, NC is a gorgeous family beach. We have had the opportunity to go with my sisters, and their families for many years (it takes a big house now that our kids are getting married and having kids of their own). It's a great place to find shells and it's one of our favorite things to do. This year, on our Easter trip, we found all of these shells and I found this neat container (at Michael's), to display them. The shells also have a purpose. We collect them for my son and niece (both pastors), to use for the baptisms in their churches. They are the perfect size to hold just enough water (remember we are Methodist and we use just a little water), and then the person being baptized keeps the shell as a reminder of their Baptism day. I'm already excited about our June trip, anticipating beautiful shelling days with my family. The beach, family, and shelling... BLESSINGS indeed!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Terrific Thursdays

My Thursdays are spent, 30 minutes away from home, with my twin great nieces. This has been my way of "giving back" to a very special niece and at the same time...giving "ME" one of the biggest BLESSINGS of my life. Doing this keeps these precious, premature twins, out of day care and allows me the opportunity to delight in their development and milestones. The days are long, hard and usually hectic, but the BLESSINGS are too many to count. They are almost 8 months old (6 months old/adjusted age) and weigh 15+ pounds.

Monday, April 07, 2008

My BUSY List

WOW! I feel like I have been on a roller coaster for the last several weeks. I appreciate that you have stopped by to check on me and I hope to get to your blogs and catch up this week! Here is a list of a few of my many blessings during the last several weeks.

My Twin Great Nieces
A business trip to Charleston with my hubby
My Twin Great Nieces
A week of job interviews for my son Ben
My Twin Great Nieces
A trip to Holden Beach with my sisters and their families
My Twin Great Nieces
A spring break visit from my daughter Katherine
My Twin Great Nieces
(At this point last night, I had all of my pictures lined up ready to post- showing you beautiful beach scenes ,the market in Charleston, family group shots, beautiful sunsets, the twins in my lap, the twins on a stroller ride, etc... Then I tried to upload my pictures!!!!! My pictures are gone :( I will try to figure this out, but for now it looks like they are gone forever. I think there is a save button that I should have clicked on, in my Adobe Photoshop. I have worked with Adobe many times over the last several months but for some reason- last night... I did something wrong. There is a BLESSING in all of this... I have learned a valuable lesson!!!!!!!!)
YEP! They are gone forever!!!!!!
I give up.