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Friday, March 20, 2009

Little Brown Church

Isn't this just the cutest "Little Brown Church in the Vale"?  I sang this song growing up and can still remember some of the words..."oh come, come, come, come to the church in the Wildwood"!  That song popped into my head the minute I first saw this brown stone church and as I sang, I started looking forward to the great things that are ahead for this church.  This is the church where my niece has been appointed Senior Pastor and she has already preached there for three weeks.   The parsonage isn't ready yet, so she has been traveling back and forth until all of the remodeling is finished.  I can just see my twin grandnieces growing up in this precious church, surrounded by God's children, romping on the church playground, and running back and forth from parsonage to church where mommie works.  So many wonderful experiences are ahead for this young family and it such a blessing for me to be a part of it ALL!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Twin Update

My grandniece twins are now 19 months old and continue to be such a blessing to me.  Their mom is senior pastor of the Methodist Church in Rutherford College, NC but they are still living in Shelby, NC until the parsonage renovations are complete.  The Shelby house has not sold yet, so please continue to pray for them, as they try to sell the house and make the adjustment to a new community and church.  Here are a few new pictures to give you an idea of what a blessing it is, to spend one day each week taking care of these precious gifts from GOD!
We love playing outside, especially with our Elmo dolls.
A kiss from me to YOU...
I love you Auntie Nancy!