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Friday, May 04, 2007

Showers of Blessings

Let the showers begin! This weekend we have our first, of several wedding showers, for my daughters upcoming wedding. We will travel to the groom's hometown for this one and enjoy the festivities of gifts, food, and meeting all of his family. What an exciting time this is for all of us and it is a BLESSING to be a part of this very special time in my daughters life! Just 77 more days!


Blogger Tammy said...

So exciting! I can only imagine how excited I will be when my daughters get engaged one day!

Only eight more days until my sister in law's wedding! And my girls are both flower girls! (I'm getting a little nervous but it's exciting for us, too!)

Have fun at your first shower this weekend!

4:51 PM  
Blogger Susie said...

Travel safe! I'm sure this is the first of many happy celebrations :)

5:32 PM  
Blogger Cris said...

Only 77 days?! How exciting! I hope you guys have a wonderful time and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. :)

6:06 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Have a wonderful time. These are those occassions where we store up special memories. Can't wait to hear all about it. I'm excited for you.

7:39 PM  
Blogger Josie said...

Nancy, we want lots and lots of pictures. And details, we want details.

Have a wonderful time...!!


7:55 PM  
Blogger gail said...

Oh that is so exciting, y'all will have such fun I'm sure!
Safe travels.
And yes, you'll have to post pics!

8:18 PM  
Blogger patterns of ink said...

I must admit (from the Dad who mostly has watched from the wings perspective), it has been fun watching my daughter and her fiance opening gifts and anticipating their new life together. Hat tip to whoever made "gift registries" socially acceptable--that make so much sense compared to getting four toaster and three vacuum cleaners like my wife and I did. =) Enjoy the weekend!

11:21 PM  
Blogger SusieQ said...

Best wishes from me to your daughter and the rest of your family as you begin the celebration of marriage.

My niece is getting married this summer. She is the last of the children in our extended family to marry. It won't be long before we will start to marry off the grandchildren.

Have a joyous time!

8:30 AM  
Blogger Morning Glory said...

Oh, how exciting the following days are going to be for you! Enjoy every minute of them.

3:58 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Showers are such fun. I love seeing all of the wonderful new things, and wishing I could have some, too! I really think everyone should have another shower at aboauat 35 years!!

10:25 PM  

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